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Welcome to Al Hemaya

Al-Hemaya Technical services is a new professional body for fire protection and fire fighting in Oman. 11 years ago, Individually we started our services with most leading fire companies in Middle East Gulf. Since then we have expertise with system that can combat their fire risks effectively and innovatively.

Yes, we determined to protect our customers, enabling them to establish the right fire protection Our goal is always that people should be able to think less on what matters most; safety. Also we make sure that our deal can always get better by talented employees and professional quality. That is the only way for us to say with persuasion that we protect life, environment and property.

  • Our fire systems provide the earlist possible warning of an emergency
  • Introducing new solutions is part of our job to create an opportunity
  • Hemaya ensure minimum down time for you in the event of an emergency


Our vision is to become state’s memorable team through installing quality products / effective system solutions that can protect people Life, Property and Environment.


Al-Hemaya's mission is to gear up the world class material dealership for delivering effortless and support our valued Clients in Sultanate of Oman in order to preserve their life and property.