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Fire Suppression System

Our experts has been at the forefront of innovative solutions to our customer’s fire suppression systems need.
Our fire suppression systems can signal, detect and control a fire. Al-hemays's suppression systems will be tailored to your property using the suppression agent such as FM200, Novec, Co2 and Inergen.
FM200 has been adopted by the majority of the world’s fire protection companies and it is the most widely used clean fire agent fire suppressant.

  • Novec 1230 puts fire out quickly before they can do any serious damage. It is effective on a wide range of class A, B and electrical fires. It offers a safety margin of up to 100% – that’s higher than any other type of clean agent fire suppressant.
  • Carbon dioxide extinguishant systems are designed to protect power plants, oil refineries and electronic processes also including remote switch rooms, generators and oil quench tanks.